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Hello everyone and welcome to the Health Blog Spot!

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Yeneilyn Haim, RN

Yeneilyn is a Registered Nurse in the state of Florida since 2006. Her nursing practice began in the field of Cardiology at Mount Sinai Medical Hospital and expanded to care for clients in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). She was provided the opportunity as LPN Instructor, which changed the course of her nursing career. She states, “Teaching nursing students expanded my view on positive influences nurses contribute beyond beside care. Nurses are central leaders in health education, client advocacy, and disease prevention.” Currently, Yeneilyn writes health articles and prepares Continuing Education (C.E.) courses for healthcare professionals. She continues her studies in the field of Nursing Education and evidenced-based nursing practice. In her free time she enjoys sharing time with family and friends.

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Monitoring blood sugar levels, carbohydrate intake, and medications are daily tasks for most diabetics. Keeping track of food intake and adhering to drug doses can be challenging to maintain on a day-to-day basis. Fortunately, technology and medicine combine to support diabetic health! Applications or “Apps” are available for download on most electronic devices, helping organize valuable data like meals, blood sugar readings, medication times, and lots more! App technology allows for storing and easy accessibility of health information beneficial in the management of diabetes. WebMD comments on app technology stating, “Applications -- or "apps" -- can help you with nutrition advice, carb counting, tracking blood sugar levels, medication alerts and managing kids with diabetes.” Discover which apps best accommodate your lifestyle and health needs!

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Planning and preparation for the event of a natural disaster is a priority! Most people live in areas affected by some form of extreme weather condition like hurricanes, tropical storms, tornados, earthquakes, volcanos, floods, blizzards, tsunamis, wild fires, and others. Natural disasters aren’t always predictable, and even when expected they can be more devastating than anticipated. Taking safety precautions for extreme weather conditions provides security and an action plan in the event you’re faced with natural disasters.

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Most of us are familiar with the importance of consuming a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. It sure is healthy and nutritious! Yet, are you familiar with properties that make fruits and veggies a must in your diet? No one fruit or vegetable contains all essential vitamins and minerals needed for healthy living. Essential vitamins and minerals are obtained through the consumption of nutritious foods. Try being adventurous, adding tasty and colorful fruits and veggies to your meals! Nature offers a variety of foods with nutritional properties waiting to be discovered.

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New research reveals promising drug for clients with early stages of Alzheimer’s Disease (AD). For decades’ scientist study protein buildup and plaque formation in the brain. Protein buildup and plaques lead to tangles, blocking the signaling of neurons and flow of nutrients into brain cells. Consequently, brain cells begin to deteriorate resulting in cognitive and behavioral changes. The PRIME study published in Nature springs hope in the treatment of AD.

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More and more individuals find it challenging to retire by age 65. A survey conducted by the American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) on 1,026 adults age 35 and older shows longer expectancy of employment beyond traditional retirement age. Most participants were full-time workers who simply cannot afford the cost of living if retired by 65. Financial uncertainties as well as health factors creates great stress for many adults working in later stages of life. As noted by AARP, “Indeed, 11 percent of these respondents say they expect to keep working into their 80s or beyond.” Employees and business owners are remaining in the workforce past retirement age in attempt to support health and living expenses. Consequently, retiring by age 65 is becoming less popular for older adults in today's society.

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